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Founding Father FeudWatch: Where Will the Ham Land?

From: "Brad Taylor"
To: "J Reyes-Montblanc"
Subject: Hamilton Grange Article on Curbed Today
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 15:34:28 -0400

Hi Jordi,

Thought you might be interested for the blog.

Among other things, it discusses a new site and petition I put up this

Hope you can support it.


Founding Father FeudWatch: Where Will the Ham Land?
The plan to move Alexander Hamilton's colonial home from its current cramped Harlem quarters to the northwest corner of St. Nicholas Park was supposed to be a feel-good story about preserving our national history, but it has taken an ugly turn all because of a compass.

Preservationists are making a big stink over the fact that the Hamilton Grange will be facing northeast once it's moved, not southwest as originally intended. The controversy is so out of control that supporters of the move have put up a website and petition defending the home's, uh, orientation.

One writes:
A few local "preservationists" are so adamant that the Grange be placed in its new site in exactly the same compass orientation as it was on the original site that they are now threatening to bring a lawsuit against the National Park Service (NPS). The defense of this lawsuit by NPS would siphon off precious public dollars allocated by Congress for this project and could threaten the move itself. These "preservationists" have stated publicly that they would rather see the Grange remain in its present cramped quarters and unrestored than have it placed in the "wrong" orientation. They are also claiming that they have the support of the local community for their action.

This Thursday night (March 20) those opposed to the NPS siting will be bringing a resolution to the local Community Board (CB9 Manhattan) asking for its support of their position. I and others will be speaking out against the resolution.When reached for comment, Hamilton said, "BRAINS...BRAINS...ME WANT EAT BRAAAIIINSSSS." An interesting perspective, certainly.·

Hamilton Grange - Support the Move [supportthegrange.com]·

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Just move the damn house and be done with it.
Comment #1, left at 03/18/08 11:53 AM.

The location of the house apparently doesn't impact the historical quality of the home since it's being moved in the first place.... so why would it's orientation make any difference?
Comment #2, left at 03/18/08 11:57 AM.

damn house that was Alexander Hamiltons grange have some respect fucko
Comment #3, left at 03/18/08 11:59 AM.

It's the same 'preservationist' idiots who want no changes made in WSP, and insist that moving the orientation of the fountain is a generation scarring tragedy.
Comment #4, left at 03/18/08 12:05 PM.

Well then, who's in that tomb at Trinity Church? Hoffa?
Comment #5, left at 03/18/08 12:29 PM.
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Sai Baba
The orientation is very important. Architecture is the masterly, correct, and magnificent play of masses brought together in light....
Switch the light around 180 degrees, it screws up everything. Plus the morning room isn't.
Comment #6, left at 03/18/08 12:47 PM.
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The house has already been moved once from its original location. Moving it again for the sake of saving the structure (over keeping it perfectly on axis) is hardly tragic.
Comment #7, left at 03/18/08 01:10 PM.

Of course orientation is important Sai Baba which is why it's important to consider the NEW site. The orientation picked by the National Park Service is more true to Hamilton's wishes to have the house face OUT into the landscape. It is thus more historically accurate to the design intent of the house than any insistence on a compass orientation which was chosen for a HILLTOP site NOT THIS ONE.
Satya Sai Baba
Comment #8, left at 03/18/08 01:12 PM.

By some of your logic here, apparently 2 wrongs do make a right.
Comment #9, left at 03/18/08 01:15 PM.

Just as a side note, I overheard some people at the site saying they had unearthed some Indian graves. Anyone hear about that?
Comment #10, left at 03/18/08 01:35 PM.

Well actually the second WRONG thing would be to insist on a compass orientation which makes no sense in the new context.
Comment #11, left at 03/18/08 01:37 PM.

%6#@*&%$%^ Morons !!!!!
Comment #12, left at 03/18/08 01:37 PM.

Rather than just getting upset about it go to http://supportthegrange.com/ and SIGN THE PETITION
Comment #13, left at 03/18/08 01:39 PM.

The only thing the preservationists have unearthed is their continual STUPIDITY
Comment #14, left at 03/18/08 01:46 PM.

The group trying to stop the Hamilton Grange move are the same fanatics who tried to Stop Colunbia's expansion and the same group of racists who yelled at the City Planning Committee member for being a "white bitch."
These people want all progress stopped.
Please pass this URL petition around and sign it!!!
Comment #15, left at 03/18/08 02:44 PM.
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They're a bunch of Clowns
Comment #16, left at 03/18/08 02:57 PM.

What a shame that a restoration of such an important house would be delayed because of these idiots. Please sign the petition!
Comment #17, left at 03/18/08 04:12 PM.

Comment #18, left at 03/18/08 05:35 PM.
Reysmont's stats.
Actually the only thing of real importance and totally ignored by the Preservationists is the fact that there was an agreement between the Community and National Parks to build a facility at the vacated lot on Convent Avenue to house not only the National Parks Rangers but most importantly a Community and Visitors Center.

That Agreement is now being abrogated by National Parks as usual due to "funding". Yet Congressman Rangel who facilitated the deal back in 1994 is in a position to remedy that, if the community would communicate that to him -instead of the "orientation" the point of discussion must be the vacated lot on Convent Avenue and the creation of a facility that must include a Community/Visitors Center and possible housing affordable to the community.

I'm glad I had a V-8 because these Preservationist are definitely on Kool-Aid.
Comment #19, left at 03/18/08 05:35 PM.
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